About Us

Welcome to Pharma-Cure I.D.A. Pharmacy

Pharma-Cure Pharmacy is your friendly neighbourhood pharmacy where every patient is treated like family. We believe that serving patients is the most important service a pharmacy can provide. Our services stand out because our care goes beyond dispensing medication. Our staff even includes a smoke cessation counsellor to help you in your smoking cessation endeavors.

Are you or one of you family members asthmatic or a COPD patient? We can help by working close with your family physician to develop an action plan to minimize the number of attacks every year. We will also work closely with you to control you blood pressure through medication, diet and exercise. Follow-ups is part of our everyday practice. Please do not hesitate to approach our team for help or additional information.

Do you need specialized compounding or perhaps medication flavouring? Not to worry, these are both covered in our services portfolio along with much more.

Here at Pharma-Cure Pharmacy your health always comes first. Stop by today to talk to one of our pharmacists and learn more about the services we have to offer.

Pharma-Cure I.D.A. Pharmacy Licence

Alberta College of Pharmacists certifies that in accordance with the provisions of the Pharmacy and Drug Act, Aakash Patel is licensed to operate Pharma-Cure Pharmacy. License Number is 15375. Pharma-Cure Pharmacy can provide license numbers of any regulated member upon
official request.

Ownership to 1965626 Alberta LTD represented by Dr. Kamal Alhallak (pharmacist with Doctorate)
Business Address: 6637 177 St. Edmonton, Alberta  T5T 4K3